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Threading: Has Anybody Tried It?

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There used to be a salon where I was stationed who had a threader there. It is a quick and effective procedure if the threader is experienced. I was stunned at how quickly the process was completed. The price was comparable to a standard wax job.

It stung a bit but overall it wasn't too painful. Pop a Tylenol before you go and you probably won't even notice.
Wow, sounds pretty good...
it's pain level is pretty much like waxing- except that since it's a few hairs at a time, it seems more painful. Gets all the little hairs that waxing or plucking may not catch.

but i love it.
I haven't actually, but I've heard over and over that it's amazing.

From one of my posts about it:
i love it and wont do anything else now. yeah take some advil or something before you go and its less painful. for me the couple minutes makes it all worth it!
I get my eyebrows waxed a couple times a month. I considered eyebrow threading, but I heard that it can caused the skin to become hard and callused after so long.
Thats interesting. I'll have to look into that and find out if its true or not.