Kayla (accentsarehot) wrote in beauty_review,

Color Decisions

So, I went to Bee Unique & poked around at their hair dye stuff lol.


Fish Bowl


Candy Apple Red


Coral Blue Dye (SG)

Golden Flame Dye (SG)

Manic Panic

Atomic Turquoise AMP

Fuschia Shock

Crazy Color by Renbow

Sky Blue Dye (CC)

Peacock Blue Dye (CC)

Cyclamen Dye (CC)

Pinkissimo Dye (CC)

This is probably the best/most recent pic I have to show my current hair color.

I wanna put some color streaks in my hair. Obviously, red/pink/purple/blue are the colors I'm considering. I need a little help on some decisions here :)

Of all the ones that I picked, which ones would show up best in my hair?
From there, hopefully I can narrow down which I'll do on my own :)
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Either bleach your hair where you would like the color to be [so that the color will stand out more], or purchase some white/blond extensions and dye those, so that you don't have to damage your own hair and if you end up not liking the color, you can remove it easily.
Is it an absolute must to bleach?
No, I've just found that it really helps the color to be more vibrant, since it doesn't have to 'fight' with your natural color.
I dunno... haha I don't wanna have to buy a whole bunch of stuff and plus, I recently made the poor decision to go blonde haha and yeah bleaching sucked lol
... i woudl love actually to see you do some tipping rather than streaking, in order to compliment the haircut and your delicate features, in the candy apple or golden flame, mixed with some more burgundy lowlights or tips. i think do the lowlights first, no bleaching, and then maybe the red at the ends. if you buy the loreal fx or something i think it's called, its' a one-stop shop, single-process. but if i just had to pick one i woudl pick a flamey red at the very tippy-tips.

so yeah, i think you need to just go to the drug store and get this product instead.