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Foundation help?

Hi everyone!

I'm a first time poster.. I'm no make-up expert, so I come seeking some advice. Particularly, on foundation/cover-up. I can't seem to find one that works for me. So far I've tried (I believe most of these were creamy natural/buff beige type colors.. the first step up from ivory):

Maybelline StayMatte Mousse (A little thick.. made my skin break out)
Maybelline TruBlend Liquid Foundation (not too bad)
Almway Skin Clearing Liquid Foundation
Covergirl TrueMatch Liquid Foundation

My skin is pretty fair (but tans well), and for the most part clear, but it's combination. Any tips on that?? Back to the foundation.. I just want something that evens out my skin tone without looking too heavy. Everything I've tried kind of fades off near the end of the work day, looks too thick, or I get a really bad 'phantom' line from the foundation.

These are terrible pics, but they are the best examples I have of my skin. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I should go back to ivory? Bah, I have no idea. If anyone with similar skin could reccomend a good foundation that has worked, that would be so great.

Best example I have of my skin with minimal make-up

i'm on the left. about a week ago, with fountadion/bronzer on

Thank you!
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