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First Time Poster

Hey everyone! My name's Janine and I just figured I'd promote a product I actually picked up on a whim.

I have naturally curly, hard-to-straighten hair...and I also haven't had a hair cut in nearly a year (I have an appointment on Wednesday, thank god.) I went to Ulta to see if I could find something to help with blowdrying my hair and I was first looking at TIGI's stuff and then some other more expensive brands and then I found something by charlesWorthington called "dream HAIR". I don't like products that straighten and make hair super flat so I stay away from serums (which sometimes work for me, however rarely, yet when they do, I end up with flat, limp hair) and I picked up this "Flawless Finish Straightening Balm". This stuff did the trick completely. It cut my hairdrying time down from it's usual 1hr/15mins to a little over just a half hour. All I used was this balm and a ceramic barrel brush.

Natural Hair - Before

Straightened Hair - After

I hope this helped anyone who was trying to straighten their natural curls!
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