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Youth in a tube!

This stuff  came as part of a limited edition gift box that I purchased at Borders recently for $20.  There were some other items in the box as well.  Anyway, this stuff is unreal.  You smooth it onto your face, and a minute later you're a few years younger!  I couldn't believe how quickly and effectively this stuff worked!

This is the exact size of the tube that came in my gift box.  I checked it out and discovered that this little tube of cream retails for $24.99 (that gift box was a sweet deal)!  If you want to purchase a jar of the stuff, it will cost you a whopping $124!

I don't know if anyone else purchased that gift box from Borders and got the chance to use this stuff as a result.  I can tell you right now that, if I hadn't I never would have discovered this product.  It is the real deal--and it's got the price tag that comes with it.  If you're in the market for an anti-aging cream and you are prepared to shell out the bucks, I strongly recommend this product.  It works.
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