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curls galore

ok so i have really curly hair... not white gurl curly [no offense at all my mom is half white] i'm cuban/black/white so when i say curly i mean the equivalent to curly fry or a curly pig tail plus i have a lot of hair it's not thin and it's not thick it's right in between... complicating much?
anyways i love wearing it natural myself and everyone i know loves it's texture, bounce and just how damn curly it is
one problem it's been grown longer... a lot longer and i need to find another product that can handle my crazy curls.... i don't use anything too much alcohol or fragrance in it cause it potentially dries out curly hair.... i straighten it once in a while 
any suggestions for my curls?
any suggestions for straightening serums?

p.s. i like product that supresses the frizz and prevents split ends

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