HairRescue (hairrescue) wrote in beauty_review,

Cut & Color

I dyed my hair again even though I was weary of drugstore box dye - and it turned really well and exactly how I wanted it. I also got a hair cut as and I kind of hated it for the first few days because it was a big chop - and it almost seemed like she chopped the length, but she didn't. I love it now and I am learning how to style it.

The dye: Garnier Nutrisse
The review: I must admit, this stuff is amazing for the price! I mixed medium brown with intense auburn and got this amazing rich cherry-chocolatey shade.
P.S.: I did Shawn's hair with the same mix and he loves it. The red is so subtle, but you can see hints and tints of auburn in the light and in the sun.

The cut: Jojo at Natalie Nicole Salon in Silverlake.
The review: I had my doubts, but she totally knows what she's doing.
Bonus: Only $40.00 bucks + tip!
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